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Shirt Laundry / Wet-Cleaning


Bio-degradable Degreasing Solvent

1. Solar-Solv is a “readily bio-degradable” solvent product used in conjunction with detergents to help emulsify and safely remove oily-based soils on all laundry classifications.

2. Solar-Solv is a non-flammable mixture that is NPE Free and demonstrates low residual solvent odor in finished work.

3. Solar-Solv has excellent degreasing ability over a wide range of soils and fabric types. This product will provide time and labor savings by removing the most difficult oily stains in the first wash and reducing costly re-wash and dual-processing of heavy soiled garments.

Ideal for oil or grease stains on white and colored table linens, mineral oils on industrial uniforms, vegetable based oils on shirts and food service uniforms and for a degreasing bath for kitchen towels and aprons.

May be used at a 4 to 1 mix ratio for collars and cuffs or as a pre-spotter on fabrics. Test vivid colors initially on an unseen area of garment.

Contact us or call your Metro-Chem distributor for more information.

Please review MSDS sheets before using this product

Metro-Instant Starch

Highly refined pre-cooked laundry starch that gives all levels of starching and has less build-up on your presses and pads. This powdered starch will satisfy the most discriminating shirt customer as well as the starch aficionado in you.

Metro-Flo Liquid Laundry System

We can provide an all liquid, hands-free chemical injection system made from the highest quality liquid products available. We will select the right combination of our products to suite your specific laundry needs. No wasted product, accurate dosing every load, Easy, Cleaner and Safe. Get consistent quality for all that you launder and your customers will recognize you for this.

Silver Satin 1-2-3

The original powdered 3 product laundry system that set the standard thirty years ago is still going strong today. It’s simple, safe and provides exceptional results for quality minded shirt laundries.


Our newest alternative Enzyme Based built detergent that also provides professional level results with outstanding whiteness and brighter colors. Wow uses laundry activators and a lower pH formula so souring is optional. Try Wow once and you’ll be sold on this product.


Our best Enzyme Based built powdered detergent for those that seek quality above the rest. Evolve has all the latest technology we can put in a one-shot that cleans and brightens all washable fabrics to a professional level every time it goes in the wheel.


Highly concentrated built powdered detergent with degreasers, water conditioners and a moderate pH which keeps it safe for use on almost all washable fabrics. Dirty Collars, Athletic Uniforms, and soiled retail Tablecloths are no match for the power of Astound. Works great in all water conditions and in lower temperatures as well.