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Metro Chem Expertise makes us different … and better.

We provide:

  1. Expert level plant analysis, product demonstrations with detailed proposals followed by our professional plant set-up when you choose Metro-Chem as your chemical provider.
  2. Complete knowledge in programming all brands of laundry washers including older-style chart washers. We have software for all major brand microprocessor controlled washing machines.
  3. Complete line-up of both concentrated liquid and quality powdered laundry products teamed with the best technical service available. Metro-Chem has what you need for whatever type of laundry you do!
  4. We offer “State of the Art” automatic chemical injection systems at no cost while using Metro-Chem liquid laundry products. Windows-based data management reporting available for larger system users.
  5. Complete preventative maintenance service includes wash room audits covering washer functions, water analysis, textile and garment analysis, bi-lingual wash procedure signage and in-service training of all wash alley personnel.
  6. A diverse and convenient authorized distributor network that makes buying Metro-Chem Products easy and cost-effective.
  7. Our ongoing commitment to service your plant properly by keeping your wash alley up to date with efficient wash formulas and the latest and best selected products to suit your plant’s specific needs.