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Hospitality, Institutional, Senior Residence Homes, On Premise Laundries

Metro-Chem’s extensive experience in proprietary Linen, Dry Cleaning and Uniform Plants helps to make us a sure bet to bring the On Premise Laundries better quality, superior service and better chemical delivery systems than previous vendors provide or can deliver.

Our field technician’s individual know-how is above the norm and after a careful analysis of your facility’s conditions, machinery and laundering requirements we will propose and demonstrate the results we promise before you buy. We can then design our system and a laundry program to fulfill your specific needs.

Our products are competitively priced and our formulas are designed to run shorter and save water and energy. With our formulations your linen will last longer, your guest’s personal clothes will look better and your staff’s uniforms will be the best that they can be. No matter what you’re currently laundering, we ask you to contact us and give Metro-Chem the opportunity to help resolve your laundry issues and let you see the difference Metro-Chem can make.

Metro-Chem can provide top-performing, professional grade “Green Alternatives” and Non-Phosphate detergents to address any environmental concerns.

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